Howard Ashman appreciation.

When Howard Ashman was coaching Ariel’s live-action reference model, Howard physicalised the now iconic extraction of Ariel’s voice to help her understand what she needed to express. “It was dance-like and very visual, clear and dramatic”, recalls director John Musker. When you see the voice extraction scene, in the moment that Ariel’s voice moves out of her body, you are watching Howard’s movement. 

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The Oscar Night


The Oscar Night

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Today sees the first release of the Beauty and the Beast demos! We begin with the full, slightly restored demo to “Belle.”

According to Alan Menken in The Music Behind the Magic song notes, ”When Howard and I finished our first demo of ‘Belle,’ we were sure our colleagues at Disney would laugh and send it back with regrets. Instead, they loved it! Their reaction both surprised and encouraged us to continue setting an ambitious tone for the project.”

As usual, the final animation has been synced up to the demo.

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"He was the best. Emotionally I communicate with him. At times I’ll just get blindsided by hearing a song. And in my dreams, I’ll think, Oh my God, it’s Howard.”

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When Howard Ashman was coaching Jodi Benson’s vocal performance during the recording of this scene, Howard physicalised the now iconic extraction of Ariel’s voice to help Jodi understand what she needed to express. The animators were watching, and they were moved to put what they saw to drawing. When you see this scene, in the moment that Ariel’s voice moves out of her body, you are watching Howard’s movement. 

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Howard Ashman, lyricist to the Disney musical Aladdin, was in a children’s theatre production of the classic tale when he was young; this was possibly an inspiration for him later developing the iconic story and score. Seen here is a photo from that childhood production in Baltimore. Howard played Aladdin. 

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Happy Birthday Howard Ashman ♫ Born May 17, 1950

"Howard knew the work he was doing was good.  He had no false modesty and like most artists, he managed to be both sure of himself and insecure at the same time… But it hardly mattered, really, how he did it. It was all part of the magic I believed in. The magic only Howard could make.” x

Happy Birthday Howard Ashman ♫ Born May 17, 1950

Howard’s artistic vision was crystal clear, vivid, tangible, manifesting itself in everything he created. He believed in the power of purpose, structure and style to convey the emotional and sometimes cynical truths of his work. Although often painful, but more than often silly, “beneath the puppetry and games beats the heart of a romantic idealist longing for a world that doesn’t and never did exist”. Said of one of Howard’s most childlike and tragic characters, perhaps this unwavering longing underpins all. 

Howard’s first proper show was a modest hit, and remains a forgotten classic. Then suddenly, and without warning, Howard’s second show became one of Boradway’s most iconic productions of all time. Howard was a force of nature that, with no evidence to the contrary, emerged from the womb as talented as an artist as can be. He had no buffer period of uncertain experimentation and critical disappointment before the creation of masterpieces. Perhaps he had to fit in as much perfection as he could in his short, fruitful life. In the decade of his prominence, Howard changed the world

Howard was as solid as a rock, seemingly unbreakable. He was strong, persuasive, dynamic, and fiercely intelligent. But, almost as inconceivably as he entered this world, he slipped through our fingers, we perhaps undeserving of him after all. He has brought joy to children, understanding to the misunderstood, and a therapeutic sensation to those in need of feeling. It is in those moments of deep evocation that Howard lives, because at one time, Howard felt those things too. Those sunken eyes, that delicate voice, that steadfast artistic vision. Howard breathes.

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